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I’m James the author of this site and experience. I never thought I would have to loss weight or go on a diet, I always watch what I eat but as we get up in age or health issues I was asked to watch my weight and to exercise. I haven’t been on this diet and exercise health experience for years.

I Was Never On A Diet But Why Do It Alone

I like to just tell you a little about me,  I’ve learned that by going on this diet and watching my calorie intake, which has helped me keep track of what foods are best for me based-off of their calories and healthy value. It work for me, and I know it will work for you.

I am an active person who has always been in good health. I have played sports throughout my youth and also while attending college, and even through my service career. I’ve never had any major illnesses or injuries to speak of.

But not just watching what you eat not knowing what your eating as in what are the calories that are in what your eating. So as time goes around noticing that out of all person guess who developing a waistline that’s no more a size 30, and guess who’s telling me yes, she is and so are my Dr’s. Because the weight around my stomach not good for my hip or my back as that old song goes its really not good for you. My Dr. told me that for a person of my age and height I should be around 195 lb stating that I should lose about 30 lb. Well at that point I was determined to get serious about the situation that was going on with me because having to carry around this extra weight around my stomach was putting too much pressure on my hips and back. He told me that I had to start seeing my chiropractor to help keep the bones in working order and stretching the muscle which will help the joints from stiffening up.

So in order for to reach my ultimate goal and stay in physical shape I must stay in the process of becoming healthier and losing weight, but for now I must stay healthy with my diet.

As an elder now, I know that maintaining your health can be both rewarding and difficult. It is important to maintain balance between what you do for yourself as well as the food that you pick for yourself.

Yes she” trying its great if you have a partner or someone to help you to go through this with. We do a lot of more baking meats and having a lot of salads and I’m eating a lot of more fruits. Like me I always wanted to do thing to my fullest so I know just doing that wasn’t going to keep me on track because like many of us I like to eat delicious meal and not just soup and salad. So I reach out and got the support of my Dr., that I know that will help me go through my ordeal and I know that, my other half she is there, So he got me in to groups that takes trips to food farm, horse farm and we get out and do activity you can to, but you can talk your Dr.

To bring awareness of Weight loss by Counting Calories

Let’s be clear by no means I’m a diet specialist or am I a weight doctor. Just being around people with the same situation that I’m going through, talking to and taking those trips with in the group, we all had the same things on our mind how do we control our urges to eat and maintain our diet and what kinds of food that will help us maintain our diet. Like the doctor has stated, He can’t be with us every minute of the day you have to be the Stewart’s of your ship; like when we took you to the horse farm the horses that had those two little blinkers know as blinders on both sides of their face, which will help to keep them focused on their task, Your Dr. only could help us so far as to what to eat or try to maintain your diet intake, we have to have the will power and determination to do the right thing for your health.

Alright let’s try to get off this horse; by saying you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Like one of the caretakers of the horse farm said you see how we maintain the horses we groom them we see about the medical needs and feed them but by know mean not saying anyone’s an animal or horse but just like you when you go to the doctor he tries to help you to maintain and stay on your diet and you might need help sometime too.

So while I was talking and discussing the situation with group I knew that I could do something that could help them to stay on track with their weight loss by doing some of these weight loss calories counting plans that I was going through.

So while I was still maintaining my diet I had joined this program here at Wealthy Affiliate where, I started this blog so that I could reach out and help those that are going through the same situation that I’m going to through. I’m blogging as a result to built successful business in the online world, and if you’re interested you can definitely do so here absolutely free and there’s no obligation. Where you too can build a successful business ( dieting or otherwise) doing what you have a passion for.

So my goal is to accomplish this by using Calorie Counting and allowing others to accomplish this to:

Because someone told me it’s okay to ask for help sometimes because something’s you can’t do by yourself .
How can I accomplish this; my goal is to help you lose the weight that you’re looking for through the weight program I’m going through and learning by the researching and the technologies through food calorie counting. As for myself the reason why I’m on my weight diet its to help with my health issues and to Reach and remain at my primary weight.

My diet for me is to feel good and healthy and to be able to get around and then, to able to get in to that size 30 again and the looking  good part will come a long by staying on my diet and using my calorie counting method.

I hope that you can feel that you can reach out at any time of the day or night if you ever have any questions or you might want to share your advice or an idea you may have related to your diet or your calorie intake with the overall health issues pertaining to your weight or exercise or you could just say hi and that alright here too.

Well this is my story and this is why I like to help, its always a pleasure to meet anyone who is interested in weight loss and helping with calorie intake issues and I hope that you enjoyed your experience here at this calorie counting.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,  Healthy Eating

James Seawright
w. Caloriecountings.com
e. jamess@caloriecountings.com

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